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NHRC to Try Its Best to Ensure Implementation of HRC Recommendations

NHRC chairperson Anupraj Sharma has pledged that his office would do its best to ensure implementation of the recommendations by UN Human Rights Committee. 

Speaking with HRC vice-chairperson Margo Waterval who is on none-official visit to Nepal on November 4, Chairperson Sharma said that he and his commissioners would remain vigilant for the recommendations’ implementation.

Sharma said, “NHRC will do its best to make government execute the HRC recommendations. If it could not, then it will seek support from the media and civil society and still not heeded, it will draw the attention of the international community”.

During the meeting, Ms Waterval expressed concern about the role of NHRC to see the HRC recommendations being implemented. She was also interested in the situation of violence against women and issue of citizenship, laws related to them and the level of their effectiveness.

NHRC commissioners, Prakash Osti and NHRC spokesperson Monhana Ansari, INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel and Patrik Mutzenberg, the Director of CCPR Centre were also present in the meeting.

Posted Date:2014-12-28
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